Lineage Series


The Lineage Series

The Crown Jewels


Generations in the Making.

The Summit of Sound

The Epoch brings to life an exceptional reproduction of vocals and instruments, with superlative tonal balance, dynamics, imaging, and realism. The Epoch features a unique system that has the lowest effective moving mass of any cartridge, while our patented Flux-Bridger generator design creates a superior balance throughout the full frequency spectrum with superb resolution and clarity, which produces an overall truer picture of the music.

For me, a 10 out of 10 Star product is the Grado Epoch.

VPI, Harry Weisfeld

Jewels of the Crown.

The Materials

A major step forward in phono cartridge design, the sapphire, gold, diamond, and cocobolo work in harmony to bring this cartridge to life. The specially designed diamond stylus, for the first time in a Grado, is mounted on a sapphire cantilever that connects to the stylus generating system. The Epoch features a unique system that has the lowest effective moving mass of any cartridge, riding smooth and steady on vinyl.

In the Details.

Extreme Precision

All of the internal magnetic circuit parts are Swiss screw machined or molded metal, which have tolerances on the order of the best Swiss-made watches. Grado’s coil winding techniques, honed throughout the decades, bring exact unison between the four coils in each phono cartridge. This creates precise balance between channels and accurate stereo imaging. The Epoch is wound with the finest properly sized and annealed 24-karat solid gold wire, which is the ultimate conductor for the transmission of the music from your record.

The Sound of Wood.

Built from Cocobolo

The flagship Grado cartridge is nestled inside a cocobolo housing, adding solid mass and a bold yet revealing signature sound. Cocobolo, known for fine instruments and those chess sets that look too nice to touch, is some of the most beautiful and tonally pleasing woods we have ever used. Its denseness and grain is a primary reason why it produces such a unique sound.

With Love.

Hand-Built in Brooklyn

Each Epoch built sees final assembly by John Grado himself on his workbench, fine tuning them for the best turntable and hi-fi setups. Every experience in our history has led to the creation of the Lineage Series. The Epoch represents the craftsmanship and unwavering dedication to sound that has been Grado’s main focus for over half a century.

If you have the money and are looking for an amazing cartridge for your record collection, the Grado Epoch is the one.

Steve Hoffman

Audiophiles should not miss the chance to audition the contender for the title of Best cartridge money can buy.

Audio Art Magazine, Dr. Tsai

The Epoch did things I hadn't heard any cartridge do…put on an LP of the right music, sit down…and you're done. It's remarkable.

Stereophile, Michael Fremer


The Lineage Series

  • Output = 1mV @ 5 CMV
  • Controlled frequency response = 6 Hz - 72 KHz
  • Channel separation: avg. 33dB - 6 Hz - 72 KHz
  • Loading: 47,000 ohms
  • Inductance: 30 mH 
  • Resistance: 91 ohms
  • Non-sensitive to capacitive load
  • Chasis mass: 12 grams
  • Tracking force: 1.5 - 1.9 grams